Proton therapy for cancer

Been trying to get this post written for 3 days…guess I better do it or dump it, eh?

Guess this approach has been around since ’98 or so but I just heard about it recently. Another one of those non-intrusive alternatives to what we used to think–with our limited knowledge–was the only way to get at cancer cells. Now with proton beams physicians can precisely control where treatment is given, thus sparing the usual damage to healthy surrounding tissue.

And you can watch a video about it here, and visit the site for the M. D. Anderson Center that does all types of cancer therapies and just became the fourth location in the U.S. to use proton beam therapy and has now instituted clinical trials.

This is good. Certainly another brick in the wall medicine is building against cancer. But we’re still talking violence–these beams explode in order to kill the cells. One day we’ll find another way that will use the body’s own capabilities. I’m sure of it.