What's with the aggressive cholesterol recommendations?

In the category of, you hear it more than once, you pay attention, there’s this report from the British Medical Journal that the U.S.’s new dramatically lower recommendations for LDL cholesterol levels may do more harm than good.

Later in the report it’s mentioned that many more people would have to be taking statins at far higher doses–resulting in far more and more serious side effects.

Why–when we are leaning so much closer to trusting nature–would we now be artifically lowering a number that would put vast numbers more people on way more drugs? Someone suggested the other day it might have to do with lobbying by the drug makers who stand to make several fortunes if they can get three-quarters of Americans taking lots of their medication for virtually all their adult lives.

Boy, I hope she’s wrong, but I don’t know what else to make of this. Like pumping menopausal women full of drugs/hormones for what’s essentially a natural process, this has the ring of falsehood to it.